AttentionS: 6 march 2004, 21.00h Annie Abrahams, Enna Chaton and Patricia Rydzok prsesent 'AttentionS': triptyque.
Théâtre La Fonderie, 3 rue Fondère, Sète.

Patricia Rydzok "Partitions" Enna Chaton "Paysages 1" Annie Abrahams "Attention aux mots"

Composed of horizontal 'windows', sometimes whole, sometimes diptyque or tryptique, this projection is like a scenographical painting composed and recomposed by a random algoritm. The piece proposes a consideration on time "present in potential" of the meeting of these images on a screen. A harmonic or disonnant partition, punctuated by a voix-off that initiates speech.

From a part of the landscape to the body of a woman, to another part of the landscape, the camera is progressing slowly, from one side to the other. It focusses the landscape while making a 180°.
The body of the woman has been filmed in a
singular way: she is immobile, standing straight, static, in the centre of the images made in very different places. One could imagine she is manifesting : a female manifestor. What is she saying? What is she telling us by her silent attitude?
This woman is there, present, resolute, she invests all places, not concerned by climatological conditions or by her presence in a public place.

While the images, collected on the web using the keyword 'attention' are projected on a screen, a female computervoice is heard pronouncing the phrases left by visitors on a special webpage. All these phrases contain the word attention or one of its derivates, (The word that can make one blush or flee.) This collection of attention phrases is very heteroegenous: the very personal mixed with the intelectual, the poetic, the ordinary, the ironic and the philosofical.
I remixed the phrases into a narration,which while reading it aloud, obliged me to connect to the same different aspects of myself. The diversity on the web became an instrument to explore the self.

sound 6 march:

Videoprojection-sound – February 2004 Paysages 1 - film DVD - 15'59 - color- sound- February 2004. Performance with videoprojection -17 min. - 6 March 2004

images above ©Patricya Rydzok

images above ©Enna Chaton