From 2005 till 2018 bramtv took you on a datatrip through the over 1500 webpages of
BramTV surfed through the website, refreshing randomly its webpages every second.
While endlessly showing these webpages a php script collected random ellements of every webpage visited. These were saved in a database.
At any time the visitor could decide to stop watching the tv, click the log button to see and hear the result of her data-dandy behavior.

flâneuse, glaneuse, étalage, display, collection, collage, vitrine, retrospective, portrait mise a nu

No clic. Just walk around, take it easy, you will find your way without doing anything. Just one click between you and me taking you on a Data Dandy trip.

Pas besoin de choisir, juste être là, se promener, flâner et devenir un Data Dandy . BramTV vous guidera dans votre balade à chaque fois différente. Juste un click vous sépare de l'immersion.

Archives : + active logfiles of past data trips

Collection page with three unique portraits of from 2005.