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We all need to be comforted. Nous avons besoin d'être réconforté.
Do you want to be reassured?


Vous voulez être rassuré   



You can be reassured
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rassur is a part of
  being human

"Being human is about communication with the other. This other person that one doesn't know at all, but that should resemble you somewhere and so, will need some reassuring every now and than too. I asked people to reassure an unknown other."
Here is some explanation about how the filming is done:
I asked people to participate, went to see them, explained they were suspected to reassure someone who was in pain (physical or mental), but that there was no way to know what kind of pain or person it was. (time between 15 seconds and 1 minute,  I told them they had to look into the camera, as if the person to reassure was there, and that they had to stay serious for a few seconds at the end to be able to make a nice cut) Then I started filming, mostly we needed three times filming, before the 'actor' found out how he or she could/would like to do the reassuring. (I used a microphone and found out it's important not to be to close to the 'actor' and not to look at him/her during the filming) (no jokes!, it should be serious)
The Greek version was made during the Medi@terra festival in Athens. 1999.
Special Dutch version for "Oog", internet art section of Dutch national newspaper "de Volkskrant" Jan. 2007.