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  jaceeee: salut
   jaceeee: kiitos!
    annieb: bonjour
   jaceeee: yep
    frutja: hi there
      kuva: hey from tondheim
    frutja: everything alright over thereß
      kuva: yes,weare projectingon a wall
    anniec: hello
   jaceeee: salut!
    annied: thanks and hello everybody
    frutja: hi
    anniec: hi frutja
   jaceeee: tee minus five minutes
    anniec: oeuhhh oeuhhh
    anniec: nerves
    frutja: all annies in trondheim?
    annied: no I'm in bar
    anniec: I am at home
    anniec: two annies missing?
    annieb: hello
    anniec: hi annieb
    annied: welcome annieb
   anniec: hello anniea welcome
    anniea: hello everyannie
    annieb: hi
    annieb: i'am glad you join us
  frutja: so?
   jaceeee: hallo annie!
    anniec: we are complete
   jaceeee: one
    anniec: allone
    frutja: ui
   jaceeee: ooommmmmmmmmm
    frutja: hope there coming others
    annieb: missing one annie
    annieb: then, we can begin
    frutja: so tell me when shall i start aking
    annieb: let's begin anyway
    anniea: top let's go....i'm the right one!
    frutja: may i ask one question for all four?
    annied: go ! it's me
    annieb: yes, the one i asked to be annie
    annieb: all of you
    anniec: go ahead fritja
    frutja: so all annies tell  me please who you are?
    anniea: you have to prove it
    anniec: I am annie
    annieb: all annie are annies
    annieb: all one
   jaceeee: annieb you are quite sure of this?
    annied: me too
    annieb: yes, it is the purpose
    frutja: and who understands you?
    anniec: no one evreyone
   jaceeee: that many are one, or one is many...?
 LuciferFr: so annieb tell me about your first sexual experience with
another women
    anniea: i don't smile to my neighbours in the morning... do you?
    annieb: ask my mother, jaceeee
    anniea: never had such an experience...
    annied: please no personal question
   jaceeee: but I remember you telling me something like that, anniea
    annieb: this one was not personal, was it ?
    frutja: chaotic... anniec: what is the color for relaxing?
   jaceeee: or, was it annieb
 LuciferFr: he are we pointing the question to all the annie´s or do we have free option
    anniec: many just moving slowly
   jaceeee: anarchy rules
    annied: anarchy is a good friend of mine ...
    annieb: to all or to one ? that is the point
    frutja: anniec would u be so kind answering?
    anniea: sometimes it's a color given by the programm
    anniec: I answered
    frutja: many colors just moving slowly?
    anniec: yes
    frutja: mh
       mkk: what is the program
    anniec: a javascript
    frutja: ???
    anniee: hello
    annieb: heelo annie
   jaceeee: a java scripted woman?
    anniee: I come back, please excuse me...
   jaceeee: annie, you're late!
    frutja: so to all annies who understand you?
 LuciferFr: so annie are you a person that like to be in control, are you as strickt as
 LuciferFr: sound like
    anniec: I hope all understands me
   jaceeee: what is annie(*)?
   jaceeee: is it a java script?
    anniea: absolutely *javascript*
    frutja: and a,b,d?
    anniec: I am rational with deep underground emotional streams
 LuciferFr: mutations
    annieb: no, javascript is not annie
    annief: hello everyone
    anniec: I have to be alone to be in control
    frutja: do u get shizophren annied?
    annieb: i try to be in control, in a biologic sense maybe ?
   jaceeee: controlling the limits of your body
    anniea: i need respect
   jaceeee: for your body?
    annieb: not only my body
    annief: I don't like anniec
    annieb: but its relation to space and to others
    anniec: héhéhé
   jaceeee: anniea told me c was a bitch
    annieb: she lied
 LuciferFr: maybe she is the better
 LuciferFr: for us
    anniea: deep relations in  the network space
 LuciferFr: no kidding
    annied: she is
   jaceeee: so anniea lies, too?
    anniea: c is not a bitch, i never said that!
    frutja: anniec: how would you answer the question "why?"
    anniec: would have to think about it
    annieb: not why, but who ?
   jaceeee: well anniea, you are a liar, so how can I believe you?
    anniec: or why what?
 LuciferFr: Im so confused
       mkk: me too
    annied: pffff...
    frutja: annieb: who have u been yesterday?
    annieb: that's the purpose, confused identity
   jaceeee: focus! lucifer!
    anniea: you hve to trust me
    annied: (don't trust her
    annied: )
    annieb: we do are you, and we trust each others
    anniee: hello bis ;-)
    annieb: hello ee
    annieb: late, but thank you for coming
    anniee: yes i know
    annief: hi iee
    anniee: connexion problems...
 LuciferFr: ok the point is to show that language is the what we comunicate with,
    frutja: why are you here annies?
   jaceeee: yeah, really, now that anniee is here, she can say whether you were lying anniea or not
 LuciferFr: but unfortuanately it´s a lie
    anniee: to communicate with you...
    annied: because it's part of a project that i'm working on
    anniec: to find out if you are capable of finding out who is annie
   jaceeee: I thought it was only anniec who was working on the project,
    annieb: no, we all did
    annief: I have to tell you I'm not annie
    anniee: we all are working on it
    anniee: neither do I...
    anniec: I am experiencing it
    anniea: i'm working on possible relations between people only with a kind of network existence
    annied: me neither
 LuciferFr: Im not usualy people have yes their name, we are not confuesed with keeping the a,b,c,d,e,f, seperated
      kuva: why are you in the project?
    anniec: because i made it
    annieb: because i am it
    annied: it's part of my work on chaos
   jaceeee: multiple presence is chaos?
 LuciferFr: you are all of them
    anniea: the identity is what we can make with our presence on the network
   jaceeee: it sounds godlike
    anniea: we have to build it
   jaceeee: or satanic
    anniee: just to say we are part of all
 LuciferFr: I have people that are fast enough to be all the annie´s
    anniee: and all part of me
   jaceeee: then you are part of me
    anniea: and to do this...we have to experiment the fragmentation
    anniee: but you have to recognize me
   jaceeee: I am you
    annieb: or me
    anniee: could you be me?
   jaceeee: well, that I am not sure of
    annieb: who am i ?
    anniee: I don't think so
    anniea: of One's the purpose
    anniec: no
 LuciferFr: you give me pain in the stomach
   jaceeee: get a bucket, quick
    anniee: are you stressed?
    annied: and a mop
   jaceeee: becoming one
    anniea: are u hungry?
    anniee: an aspirine
    annieb: are you alone ?
    anniec: identity is multiple
 LuciferFr: my window is open relax
   jaceeee: makes me fluid identity
    anniec: yes
 LuciferFr: degistion
    anniee: great
    anniee: ;-)
    anniee: well, let speak about you
 LuciferFr: annieb are you asking the question know
    anniea: a kind of flux
    annieb: do we live in the same world ?
    anniee: i am not sure about it
    frutja: all these annies make me speechless
   jaceeee: annied, or anni-ed, which is the past tense of anni. where are you?
    anniee: but there are many worlds
    anniea: at this time we live in a window, a program
   jaceeee: there is one world
   jaceeee: you are an extension of my own movement
    anniea: shared by machines
    anniec: for each part of your personality
    anniee: one real world...
 LuciferFr: i think that we should limit these mails to only writing when extremely
 LuciferFr: crucial.
   jaceeee: indegested
    anniee: me too
   jaceeee: when is it crucial?
    annied: dank je wel !
   jaceeee: when one can't decide who one is?
    anniee: geen dank
 LuciferFr: yes when is anything crucial that´s the question, when is identity crusial
    anniec: one knows
 LuciferFr: annie when is idenity crusial
    annieb: at birth time i supose
    anniec: when you pass borders
    annied: hmmmm
    anniea: yes what coul'd be crucial when i'm the one people have to recognize?
--> mkk  you know that the idea is to figure out who is the real annie... hmmm...
    anniea: i loose myself now
 LuciferFr: so it´s you anniea
    frutja: isn't it crucial not to have an identity?
   jaceeee: the border is birth, birth is the border.
   jaceeee: from non-identity and identity
 LuciferFr: prais the border of birth
    annieb: birth is the first becoming
   jaceeee: what about the border of death, anybody checking papers there?
    anniec: i only have my name
    annief: have a look at my 123 paintings you will understand me a bit better
    annieb: the first before several
   jaceeee: how many paintings do you have annied?
    anniea: birth is a starting point ....are they so many starting point?
    annieb: name is a startig point too
    frutja: but u can change names
    annieb: by writing a, b, c, d...
*** jacee is now known as annieg
   jaceeee: what now?
    annied: uuu
 LuciferFr: annief ok I can imagine what kind of a painter you are
    frutja: shal anybody bacome an annie?
    anniec: annie is
 LuciferFr: dont whant to Im mixed up as it is
   jaceeee: I want to become annie
   jaceeee: but how?
    annied: hihi
    frutja: why not?
    annieb: pfff
    anniea: my paintings have become something else than paintings
    annieb: are you in trouble ?
   jaceeee: but lucifer, if you became annie, you would become part of a huge ONE, and there would be no confusion ever again
    anniec: impossible, annie is not a quality
    frutja: but then u know for sure you're not the real annie luzifer
    annieb: who is the real annie ?
    anniea: i know
    anniec: who's the real annie?
   jaceeee: either way, you would be ONE lucifer
    anniee: i am the real annie
    frutja: is it better to be an annie?
 LuciferFr: I think this is limited to who the initiator of the idea is
   jaceeee: rising above all the non-annies in the universe
    annieb: is there only one lucifer ?
 LuciferFr: I mean who the real annie is
*** jaceeee is now known as lucifer
*** lucifer is now known as LuciferX
    anniee: i am the real annie
    anniee: i am the real annie
    anniee: i am the real annie
    anniec: I am
*** LuciferX is now known as LuciferQ
    anniee: the real annie am I?
    anniee: the real annie am I?
    anniee: the real annie am I?
    annief: so do you have any idea who is annie abrahams ?
 LuciferFr: no kidding
  LuciferQ: I speak as one with you, lucifer
    anniec: who's the real annie?
    annieb: you should decide right now who annie is
  LuciferQ: why now?
    anniee: anniea?
    anniee: annieb?
    anniee: anniec?
    anniee: anniee?
    annieb: before every one become a lucifer, maybe
    anniee: annied?
    anniee: annief?
  LuciferQ: what about annieg?
    annied: rubish
    anniea: who should decide?
    anniee: annieg?
    anniea: I can decide
  LuciferQ: annie is rubbish?
    annied: nono
    annieb: who is nono
  LuciferQ: the one who IS should decide, or the one who isn't
    annied: irc misunderstanding
    anniec: how many votes did i get?
 LuciferFr: before every one become a lucifer, a lucifer, maybe!
  LuciferQ: so, identity is a popularity contest?
    annieb: time to vote now
*** annief is now known as lucifer
    anniea: god is a lucifer, on the other side
    annieb: some annies have to leave soon
    anniec: we cannot stay annie for ages
*** annieg is now known as LuciferFt
    frutja: why not
    frutja: loosing identity?
  LuciferQ: keeping to a center, comatose
*** frutja is now known as no_one
    anniea: so anniec you're not anniez?
    annied: so I would like to thank you for coming
    anniea: :-)
    annieb: frutja identity is in a foggy screen right now
  LuciferQ: but nobody answered my questions?
 LuciferFr: well there are only a few of us that know the second name of this lucifer
  LuciferQ: impossible to hide in IRC
  LuciferQ: 'cause nobody cares WHO you are to begin with!
  LuciferQ: you are annie.
   lucifer: héhéhéhééhéhéhéhééhééhéhéhééhé it's me lucifer, 'iown the nick anyways)
  LuciferQ: and annie
  LuciferQ: and annie
  LuciferQ:  and annie
   lucifer: no way
    annieb: and nadja too
  LuciferQ: shape-shifter
 LuciferFr: so annies are qtips
    annied: andré breton ?
  LuciferQ: annie breton?
    no_one: nadja what?
    annied: (must be from lorient :_)
  LuciferQ: annie annie?
    anniec: Tell me if you think I am annie
    annieb: no-one should be nadja
    annieb: or evryone
    anniee: nor annie...
 LuciferFr: lets be nadja
*** lucifer is now known as annief
 LuciferFt: dammit, what is happening?
    no_one: how will you do this ?
    annief: what ?
 LuciferFr: I dont think anybody should be annie
 LuciferFr: actualy it dosnt matter
 LuciferFt: aren't you worried that who you are might actually change because of this expereince?
    no_one: is just taking a name beeing someone?
*** annief is now known as nickannie
*** nickannie is now known as annief
    no_one: u annies should know now
  LuciferQ: like, from now until you die, you (all) will be changed by this becoming?
  LuciferQ: or even after you die?
            annieb is going to leave you soon
    anniec: I feel dislocted
 LuciferFr: I take more than 20 minutes to mark your identity
  LuciferQ: where is your center anniec
    annied: lol !
  LuciferQ: I don't find it funny at all
    anniec: lost
  LuciferQ: lol lost
    annied: it's your problem man !!
  LuciferQ: lolly pop!
 LuciferFr: thanks
    annied: :_)
    anniea: my center?
  LuciferQ: anniea never was so nasty to me, even though she lies
    annied: :-)
    annieb: anniea is nasty sometimes
    annief: yes
 LuciferFr: mm
  LuciferQ: sweet liar
  LuciferQ: anniea+
 LuciferFr: LuciferQ-tips
  LuciferQ: anniea-
  LuciferQ: already more fragmentation
    anniea: yes sweet one
    annieb: but she is a little bit intraverted
  LuciferQ: anniea-in
  LuciferQ: anniea-out
    annieb: and sometimes lost
  LuciferQ: and sometimes found
 LuciferFr: LuciferQ: already more fragmentation anniea: yes sweet one little bit intraverted. Say! What a pet, they call it a mouse
            annieb leave you now for a 1/4 hour and is back
 LuciferFr: is no good.
  LuciferQ: movement is the key to asking the question
    annieb: bye bye
    anniec: How do you feel annies? lost or found?
    no_one: bye b
    annieb: see you in a 1/4 hour
    annied: ./ perso annieb you can live now it's ok..
    anniea: found may be
*** Signoff: annieb (Quit: IO)
  LuciferQ: annieb is going to visit with anniea and tell her something
that we can't hear
    anniec: i will leave too
  LuciferQ: shall we talk about her?
    anniec: will be back in half an hour too
    anniec: bye
  LuciferQ: I though SHE was the real Bitch
*** Signoff: anniec (Quit: Leaving)
  LuciferQ: controlling everybody
    annied: ok
 LuciferFr: annieb is going to visit with about it to l. Like hell you have a gun. Not particularly, blank-eyed!
  LuciferQ: how come she is that way to everybody?
    annied: who knows?
    no_one: what about being a number instead of taking a name - would that change something?
    annief: I don't
  LuciferQ: how can you stand that she controls you annie(*)s?
 LuciferFr: coming and leaving in such a hurry, like she was a stuckbrocker
  LuciferQ: leaving business unfinished
 LuciferFr: no-one pleas I have had it with numbers
    annief: she will be back
 LuciferFr: unfinished thats the word
    no_one: luzifer what did u have with numbers?
  LuciferQ: who's counting?
 LuciferFr: back with a fixed annie identity, good how silly
    annied: I have to go...
    annief: me too
  LuciferQ: hardly been here long enough to get to know you, dear!
 LuciferFr: I have had it with numbers, too many
  LuciferQ: noobodies counting
    no_one: but no_one can cout
    no_one: 1
    annief: you can always write to me
 LuciferFr: does that mean that annief is the real one
 LuciferFr: @
*** anniea is anniea@ (_)
    annief: bye......
  LuciferQ: anniea@
*** annief has left channel #pointproject
    anniee: bye bye friends
 LuciferFr: bifoot how charming.
  LuciferQ: I don't get the loss of annie?
  LuciferQ: she is shrinking in on herselves
    no_one: is she mor or less gettimg back to one?
  LuciferQ: could be
  LuciferQ: bifurcat
 LuciferFr: or no_one how intelectual
  LuciferQ: becoming ANNIE the STRONG
    annied: love and hate to you all...
    no_one: no_one can't be
 LuciferFr: I bet ya
 LuciferFr: I see ya
  LuciferQ: inside and out
    annied: I'm living you to your search for anniesss
 LuciferFr: cards of meta
    anniee: see you soon, one day
    anniea: i have to leave...a phone call...see you later
    anniee: or another...
  LuciferQ: that must be annie on the phone
    anniee: bye bye everyone !
*** anniea has left channel #pointproject
    annieb: see you and thank you
  LuciferQ: thank me?
    no_one: i don't know if i really want to know who is annie after all
this confusion
    anniee: see you ! ;-)
    annieb: sorry for this interruption
  LuciferQ: but I never understood what...
 LuciferFr: well I think we should get in some new annies, just to confuse
them when they come back
*** Signoff: anniee (Quit: Leaving)
*** LuciferFt is now known as anniec
  LuciferQ: so then, now what?
    annied: bye my friends, don't forget tonite 20h30 : server: #fraclr
*** LuciferQ is now known as annief
    annieb: no-one, you got the point, did'nt you ?
    annief: so annie is having a party then?
*** Signoff: annied (Quit: annie abrahams it's me !)
    no_one: did I?
    no_one: normally i am interested in peoples identity
    annieb: i think so. it's a surprise for me
 LuciferFr: I go by their smell
    annief: well, you know, I just don't care, naming, it's gotta be soulful!
 LuciferFr: like DeadBlueMaster
    anniec: well, so then now what are we left with.
    anniec: a
    anniec: short
    anniec: little
    anniec: exercise
    anniec: in multiples
 LuciferFr: by their smell
    no_one: so now that the real annie may be gone......
 LuciferFr: or the real stayed behind
    anniec: well, is she gone?
    anniec: or does here spirit live on?
 LuciferFr: no way
    annieb: annie is still here, b, c, f
 LuciferFr: ok
    no_one: so annie told she wouldn't lie
    no_one: *** Signoff: annied (Quit: annie abrahams it's me !)
 LuciferFr: contempery soul
    no_one: or she built up another
    annier: hi
 LuciferFr: contempery soul
    anniec: Hi honey
    anniec: I begin to feel whole now
    annieb: hi dear
    annieb: and bye bye, friends
    annier: :):)
    anniec: friends?
    anniec: you mean self!
    annieb: i have to leave you for sure
    anniec: for ever?
    anniec: I am sad
    annier: oh no
    anniec: losing and gaining for this short time
    annieb: see you tonight at clement's party
    annier: any news,
    anniec: is emotionally too much
    annier: yes see you tonight
    annier: anyone knows the real annie?
*** Signoff: annieb (Quit: )
 LuciferFr: and Im boared, going for the TV if nobody is telling something realy personal; like what they did at le quin yesterday
    no_one gotta go now
    no_one: thanks for all the confusion
    anniec: point less
    annier: thanks for coming nadja
    anniec: propaganda
    anniec: pontificating
    anniec: pestilently
    no_one: nice time for all the annies
 LuciferFr: perforations
    no_one: bye
 LuciferFr: byeeeee
    anniec: bye
    annier: bye
 LuciferFr: byyeeeee
    anniec: butterflies
*** Signoff: no_one (Quit: )
    anniec: now what?
    annier: ???
    annier: wanted to know if you knew who I was?
    annier: I don't know who you are
    anniec: YOU?
    anniec: well, I do know you are part of ME and vice versa
 LuciferFr: they say that when the game has to many particals you get the masculine hysteria, if the game has to few you get the female hysteria
    annier: What's the difference?
 LuciferFr: sorry it´s historical,
    anniec: well, I do feel hysterical, all of me's
    anniec: it is hostory now, done, gone
    annier: me too
    anniec: history
    anniec: herstory
    annier: finished
    annier: have to be alone to
 LuciferFr: anniea multipul player
    annier: recollect
 LuciferFr: iritated
    annier: anniea doesn't exist in irc
 LuciferFr: so what
    annier: crazy
 LuciferFr: and
    annier: lost my name
 LuciferFr: shure
    annier: will have to find something else
    annier: body fluids
    annier: and chair
 LuciferFr: they say that I had the veriest of these abysses; but now I had I was blazing. Of the raven, if to few you to many
 LuciferFr: particals you to few you shall.
    annier: that's mine
 LuciferFr: bad hair day
    annier: lost, thanks to all
    annier: annie fires out
 LuciferFr: going for the shower any girls want to join
    annier: bye
 LuciferFr: bye
    annier: kisses
*** Signoff: annier (Quit: Leaving)
 LuciferFr: silensio
 LuciferFr: bye
*** Signoff: LuciferFr (Quit: bye!)
      kuva: bye!
*** Signoff: kuva (Quit: )
*** Signoff: anniec (Quit: Ping timeout for anniec[])
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