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'…=var' Interactif pages during the installation in the artmuseum Roger-Quilliot at the Vidéoformes Festival in Clermont Ferrand, France.

'Happy moving' 1998, A mute interface from 1998 installed on the computerfinearts.com collection in 2003.
"Happy moving" et "Separation" presented at [DAM] Berlin. 10.11 - 5.12.2006 Computerfinearts Collection of Doron Golan.

'don't touch me / ne me touchez pas' A work about intimacy and attitudes in front of the computer screen.
I want to tell you a story. Males might think it is about 'desire', females will tell you it's about the painful change from adolescence to being adult. (flash6 sound on)
'the 8th International Festival of New Film', section new media, Split, Croatie,
in the art section of Respiro 11,
on the Betaspace website august 03

and in 'Escashop.6.7.3' Galerie ESCA, Milhaud. 2003
at "Ouvrir/Fermer", 9 - 14 march 2004, Forum des images, Paris ( festival Némo).
in Invited/Invaded Rhizome member curated exhibition by Jessica Gomula. 2005
III muestra internacional de artes electrónicas, Bogota, Columbia, curateur : Karen Dermineur. 2005
"tout va bien" show at the ESCA gallery, Milhaud, France. 2007

Article by Eduardo Navas for Netartreview 30 july, 2003.

'confrontation' Collaboration with Clement Charmet. A man and a woman continue to discuss without understanding the other. Each uses his/her own invented language. The words on hope, left on the site by the visitors, confront the images on war found on the web. (flash6 php sound on)
Spotlight at turbulence.org 2003,
HZ net gallery of Fylkingen's net journal
dec 2003
Filmfestival International of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, section Exploding Cinema 'Power : Play'. 21-01 / 1-02 2004.
'pathiharn electron [supernatural]', switch media_ art, Chiang Mai, Thailande, 6th-30th april 2004.
presented in File - Electronic Language International Festival 1-20 November 2005 Sao Paulo Brasilia.
III muestra internacional de artes electrónicas, Bogota, Columbia, curateur : Karen Dermineur. 2005
FILE-RIO Telemar Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20-3 à 20-4 2006
"Underfire" September 8 - October 7, 2006 at the University's I Space Gallery in downtown Chicago.
FILE Rio Symposium in Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 26-2 till 29-3 2008
Articles :
by Domenico Quaranta (talian) 10-2003.
"Confrontation will never stop" by Ruth Catlow nov. 2003.

Being Human recieved 'The JavaArtist of the Year Award 2003' Computer Space Festival 2003 in Sofia/Bulgaria organised by Goethe Institut-Internationes et SCAS.
Participation in :::Piece2piece: online collaboration::: project organized by Eduardo Navas. Galerie Postartum Long Beach USA. Pavu.com interviews anniea for P2P.
'purchase' 2003, contribution to 'the ShoutSong / audi0 xtrakt' for 'r0unDback' of pavu.com, La-Casalinga, East Village, New York, USA.

Participation in Family portrait .
Participation 'chalk a hopeline' Instruction piece, enacted by kanarinka 05-12-2003
Collaboration in no blog and 544x378(WebTV) from Jim Punk.
'Prise', creation of an invisible network' presented in Copyleft Session, carte blanche à Antoine Moreau, galerie éof, Paris.
'Smile', photo presented at En Marge, e-xposition, Metz.
'Being Human' presented at Renc'arts', Centre Méditerranéen de l'Image - Château de Malves-en-Minervois.
'Separation' presented at Betaspace august 03. Distingueshed at 'ENTRAÎNEMENTS # 3 : compétition film et vidéo 'travail de la danse/chorégraphies du travail', la Ménagerie de Verre, Paris, EDNA et Siemens Arts Program 2003, Presented at 'Perspectives03', Computer Space Festival in Sofia/Bulgaria and in "Habitar en (punto)net", curateur Reme Zafra, "Espai F", Mataró (Barcelona) Spain, 24 Oct-19 Dec 2003. (With Auriea Harvey, Tina Laporta, Margot Lovejoy, Mary Flannagan, Laura Floid, Cornelia Solfrank and Natalie Bookchin.)