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Karaoke : "Resurrection karaoke for the humiliated" or "Test to predict potential aggressive behavior" (flash, sound on) This is a sound piece with images of a women on the ground in front of a freezer. The visitor is invited to sing the text that scrolls over the screen. Closing the window of the work will lead the visitor to a page where he is asked to contribute in a collaborative text about violence. The sound is the result of loading the same mp3 several times and so will be slightly different on different machines. Original sound : daccord.mp3: http://www.bram.org/sound
I am aware This is not an easy work. The visitor will have to be able to listen till the end if he wants to be freed of the image of the suffering women. He can also choose to karaoke it and so actualise the resurrection enacted in the text. Closing the window might be like refusing to be implicated in the woman's story and will put the visitor in front of a question about violence.
Presented: Cyberfem. Feminisms in the Electronic Landscape, curated by Ana Martínez Collado. 20th October 2006 to 21st January 2007, with different works of Victoria Vesna, Prema Murthy, Anne-Marie Schleiner, Linda Wallace, Old Boys Network, Critical Art Ensemble, Jess Loseby, Francesca da Rimini and Ricardo Domínguez, Margot Lovejoy, Coco Fusco, Kristin Lucas, Lynn Hershman Lesson, Julia Scher, Natalie Bookchin, Cindy Gabriela Flores, Olia Lialina, Cornelia Sollfrank’s, Deb King, Elizabeth Smolarz, Evelin Stermitz, Marina Grzinic & Aina Smid, Dora García, subRosa, Eva Wohlgemuth, Ana Navarrete. Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castelló , Spain.

24 september Performance : " jesuisuneoeuvredart " during the show “ Chauffe Marcel ! ” sous titrée “ L’imitation de Marcel Duchamp" organised by FRAC Languedoc Roussillon, Panacée Montpellier. "jesuisuneoeuvredart" is the French version of "iamanartwork". images etc
Article "Contemporain : suis-je une oeuvre d'art?" Julie Ayraud, La Gazette de Montpellier. (français)

Performance inter media Oppera Internettikka - Protection et Sécurité by Annie Abrahams & Igor Stromajer # Opéra National de Montpellier, Salle Molière, Montpellier, France. Intima Virtual Base in collaboration with Panoplie.org & bram.org 15 December 2006. 20.30h.
Article "Les fantasmes de l'opéra" by Marie Lechner, Ecrans, Libération. (français)
"LE NET ART PEUT-IL SORTIR DU NET ?", Xavier Malbreil, Magazine électronique du CIAC, no 29 2007. (fr)

" I wish I could reassure you." "Bitter times" .news series. 12 08 2006
"A piece using hot media and that takes them at their own play. A piece that takes the risk of the actual and so also the risk of inactuality. " Xavier Malbreil on the list é-critures 16 08 2006.
Participation in Ooglive Amsterdam 29-09-2006. 3 min. no pop up version of .news series.

"doutez-vous?", bot module for Ludart http://www.ludart.net (commande)

"Webflâneur 4.0" with Clément Charmet. Follow up of BramTV.

Do we have to fall when we want to fly? or Don't stop trying! for "lepluslegerdpi" and Véronique Hubert.

Reaction on : Hans Bernhard : "We hereby declare this found footage video to be an actionist UBERMORGEN.COM art piece named „Foriginal Media Hack no. 1, Web 2.0“. a physical manifestation that is to be viewed as a document of the art." What is happening when violence is declared art ?

"PeurS" Residence with Provisoire from Metz, France (in french)

"Bram.org portrait" for Turbulence Fundraiser 2006

Performance "Cochon les Cochons" in PerformanceX6, Palais Cyrnos, Ajaccio. Organisation: Akenathon Doc(k)s. Other invited artists : Akenathon, Julien Blaine, Philippe Bootz, Alexandre Gherban and A.Strid.

"Les Chênes Verts / The Green Oaks", video 5.20 min. presented at 12th International Pärnu Fideo and Vilm Festival “Pain in the Class” November 18th-19th 2006, Pärnu, Estonia.
Emission Télé France 3 sud "Le fin mot" no. 35 Documentary on Annie Abrahams. 20 min. 14-1-2006 17.15h Director Pierre Yves Cruaud.
"confrontation" presented at FILE-RIO Telemar Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20-3 à 20-4 2006 and at "Underfire" in September 2006 at the University's I Space Gallery in downtown Chicago, organized by Ryan Griffis.
"I don't want to be a nice girl", 2005 video 5’ 00’’ presented during the Moscow International Film Festival 2006 in the Competition programme AUTHOR(WRIT)Y: video art, TV art and experimental film of Media Forum 2006, 27 june, Moscou.

Performance "Separation" during the coloqium "Esthétiques intermédias: approches historiques" co-organised by Annie Gentès (ENST) and Isabelle Rieusset-Lemarié (MECSCI, UVSQ), Théâtre Paris - Villette, June 10 2006.
Publication of "Place du Comportement dans les dispositifs artistiques intermedias" , A.Abrahams and V.Méliani in Zoom théorique Co-présences No. 16 of Synesthésie, Dec 2006. (français)
Article by Eliza Fernbach "disturb.the.peace [angry women]" on "nice girl 2", Furtherfield.org. 10-2006
"Je préfère sauvegarder que stocker", sound tape and flyer in the collective show "Stock en Stock" Galerie Aperto Montpellier.
"Interview with Annie Abrahams" by Béatrice Bonfanti for weblogart.
Participation in FREEPRESS a project of Sal Randolph. Publication of " I want / Je veux " Collection of wishes and voeux/souhaits deposed on http://jeveux.org and http://www.bram.org/wishes between 1999 and august 2006.
"What to do with violence" presented in "House of Words" "Casa de Citas" : exposition and book, ed. Gran Canaria Digital, Curator Nilo Casares.
Birgit Haas "Der postfeministische Diskurs" ed. Königshausen & Neumann. ISBN 3-8260-3230-6 p. 121 -125 on being human by Elisabeth Joyce.
"Happy moving" et "Separation" presented at [DAM] Berlin. 10.11 - 5.12.2006 Computerfinearts Collection of Doron Golan.

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