"tout va bien" solo exhibition Gallery ESCA, 23 Nov. - 16 Dec. Computers and video projectors will be as present as emotions and sensibilities. Vernissage at 18h30 with a performance by the artist at 20h and by Ava Carrère, Véronique Hubert and Guérine Regnaut at 20h30. "and still the world is not perfect"
"L’entre-deux autobiographique d’Annie Abrahams : une lecture bio-fictive théâtralisée. ", Cyril Thomas, Papiers LIbres art contemporain no 51. ISBN 1263-5960 Extrait.

"Les chênes verts / The green oaks", video 5.20 min. II International Review of Video Art, "Storrytellers", Primo Piana LivingGallery, Lecce, Italie. 24 Nov.– 3 Dec.

"Breaking Solitude, season 2 ", net performances in the salon of panoplie.org, art experiments new ways of being together. A project by Annie Abrahams in collaboration with panoplie.org. Short rendezvous. Limited places. No podcast. With Florian Fernandez, Aya Karpinska, Igor Stromajer, Anne-James Chaton, MTAA and Helen Varley Jamieson.
Articles : "« Breaking Solitude », dernier salon (du Net) où l’on cause", Aude Crispel for poptronics (french) 26 11 2007
"Breaking Solitude, d'Annie Abrahams, Clément Charmet et Panoplie.org (France), 2007-2008", Aude Crispel, Magazine électronique du CIAC, no 29 2007. (fr)

Invited in the project "Instants" of panoplie.org from the 25th of August till the 25th of September. Read my InstantPortrait. (only in French)

Performance  : "L'un la poupée de L'autre" Annie Abrahams and Nicolas Frespech, May 26th 14h15, flashfestival, petite salle -1, Centre Pompidou, Paris.
"L'un la poupée de l'autre", the vidéo shown on FreeboxTV 21 07 2007 10 pm.
Presentation of the video in the Cultural Center Saint-Exupéry of Reims during nuitnumérique#5, 20 10 2007,
at INTIMACY across digital & visceral performance Saturday 5.30 pm 8-12-2007 in Goldsmiths Small Hall, London,
and in "tout va bien", exhibition in ESCA Gallery, Milhaud, November 23 till December 16, 2007.
Articles : "Annie Abrahams et Nicolas Frespech, duo technosensible", Annick Rivoire for poptronics 20 10 2007.
Ruth Catlow "intimate collaboration", festival/seminar "INTIMACY", London, 9-12-2007.
"Murmures dans la nuit" Article in French by Troudiar for Fluctuat, 18-1-2008.

Performance "Peurs Fears", Annie Abrahams and the All Star GirlsBand, 20h00, Le Cube, Issy-les-moulineaux, festival e-poetry 2007.
"Girls, girls, girls..." Announcement in numédiaby Janique Laudouar. (fr)

Projection of "time passing" video 2m45 2004-2007, 13 ème anniversaire d'imagespassages, 11 mai, 20h30 Espace 60 Bonlieu, Annecy.

Conference about "PeurS" in "4èmes rencontres régionales de l'éducation artistique à l'image en Languedoc-Roussillon" 18 - 4 - 2007 à Montpellier.

"ik ben bang" -read,selected,copied,pasted,translated,read- for the centenary of the spanish poet Carmen Conde.

"Breaking Solitude", net performances in the salon of panoplie.org : art experiments new ways of being together. A project by Annie Abrahams in collaboration with panoplie.org. Short rendezvous. Limited iInvitations. No podcast. With Annie Abrahams, thirtytwobit, Pascale Gustin, Antoine Moreau , Anne Laforet, Luc Bouzat, Lucille Calmel and POUN.
February 16 2007 / 20h00 Lecture "Cochon les Cochons" by Annie Abrahams
Mars 30 2007 / 20h00 Antoine Moreau and Annie Abrahams face à face. Performance copyleft. Licence Art Libre.

"un mort par page" Promotion for the book with the same name of Daniel Fohr.

17-24 Jan. "wat is angst, waarom bang zijn, waarvoor vrezen" and a new version of "rassur" for "Oog" the internet art page of "de Volkskrant", a Dutch national news paper.

bart van aaken dakar woestijn
Bart van Aaken en Mikey van Nuenen gesponsord voor de Amsterdam Dakar Challenge 2007.

Karaoke presented: Cyberfem. Feminisms in the Electronic Landscape, curated by Ana Martínez Collado. 20th October 2006 to 21st January 2007, with different works of Victoria Vesna, Prema Murthy, Anne-Marie Schleiner, Linda Wallace, Old Boys Network, Critical Art Ensemble, Jess Loseby, Francesca da Rimini and Ricardo Domínguez, Margot Lovejoy, Coco Fusco, Kristin Lucas, Lynn Hershman Lesson, Julia Scher, Natalie Bookchin, Cindy Gabriela Flores, Olia Lialina, Cornelia Sollfrank’s, Deb King, Elizabeth Smolarz, Evelin Stermitz, Marina Grzinic & Aina Smid, Dora García, subRosa, Eva Wohlgemuth, Ana Navarrete. Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castelló , Spain.
Philippe Bootz mentions "Solitudes" in "Les Basiques : la littérature numérique" for Leonardo/Olats.
Will Work For Food” vehicle is working in Montpellier.
"nice girl 2", part of "angry women" de Jess Loseby, presented in the show "cyber feminism past forward", 9 –31 March 2007, Austrian Association of Women Artists, Vienna, Austria.
In "Distributed Authorship, Beauty, and Ethico-Aesthetic Resonance" Kristie S. Fleckenstein, Associate Professor of English, Florida State University writes about the Annie's "Wishes" only version for the 1999-200 issue of Riding the Meridian. Article published in KAIROS 11.3.
"Les chênes verts / The green oaks", video 5.20 min, included in : vidéothèque de La Revue des Ressources, text by Xavier Leton. Presented at II International Review of Video Art, "Storrytellers", Primo Piana Livingallery, Lece, Italy. 24 Nov.– 3 Dec.
"Confrontation" FILE 2007 - Electronic Language International Festival, Sesi 10-Paulista's Cultural Space, São Paulo, Brazil, 13-8 au 9 - 9, 2007.

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