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'je veux: 'a kiss', 'tenderness' and 'respect' , text based mood mutators.
Presented at 'ARCO, Madrid 1998, at 'Mutatis Mutandis', Paris 1998, at 'Script', net-art exhibition, Seoul, Korea 2000 and on a CD-rom, Net arts/reseaux (ed. Aquitaine Europe Communication) 2000.

'understanding' first version sur wryeyes (http://www.burningpress.org/wreyeting/abrams/understandintro.html) 'understanding/comprendre', final version for 'being human'. Updated in 2005.
Presented at 'Future ForWord', 2002 Seattle Poetry Festival,USA and at 'Bumbershoot2003 art and music festival', Seattle, USA.
at III muestra internacional de artes electrónicas, Bogota, Columbia, curateur : Karen Dermineur. 2005

'brrhmm', 'al(l)one' ,
Presented at 'Future ForWord', 2002 Seattle Poetry Festival,USA and at 'Bumbershoot2003 art and music festival', Seattle, USA, and on CD-rom, DOC(K)S, serie 3 21/22/23/24 (ed. Akenaton).

'Thank' for Tinkernet initiated by Ted Warnell and David Knoebel.

"alone" Text based conversational piece.
Featured in "Pop Up" by Abe Linkoln, Turbulence Guest Curator, 2005.

'Interface' , a mute interface in html and JavaScript for Lieudit.org. This collaborative site (Antoine Moreau, Karen Dermineur, Yann Leguennec, Jean-Philippe Halgand, Clement Thomas, Pierre Cuvelier and Jacques Perconte were the members in the time I collaborated 1998-2000) doesn't exist anymore. http://web.archive.org/web/19991103075452/http://www.lieudit.org/

'moving paintings' Moving paintings exercices.

'Being human' Presented at the festival 'Commuting', SAEFAIR, Skopje, Macedonia, at the VI International Biennal of Experimental Poetry, Fractart, Mexico City, Mexico and at the French|Baltic| nordic video and new media festival, Tallinn, Estonie.
Exposition 'Je veux, je voudrais', Domaine du Couloubrier, Grasse, France.


Start 'being human' Most of my work is included in this site. It's a big interlinked universe that concentrates on the possibilities and limitations of communication on the net. So most works with a special entrance will automatically lead you to the other works.
The site is based on the idea that the internet is an artistic medium that permits addressing people in their own intimacy, non-mediated by an art context. The work treats about questions of identity and discovering the other in his differences. The pieces invite visitors to express wishes, to get rid of pains, to receive comfort, to reflect on understanding, respect and his/her relation to the machine.
I am exploring the new identity and relational territories established on the net. By creating scene dialogue and emotional situations, "Being Human" leads the net surfer to wonder about the various communication rites which reveal and draw each of us into a new cartography of our contemporary being.

Presentation "I would like" in !R . UZ , The ministry of Culture and Education of Republic of Uzbekistan.

'meeting place' My first experience with the net.
The site was related to the exposition with the same title in the 'Hollandsche Spoorweg' inNijmegen, Pays Bas. It was a way to be present in the exposition place in Holland while being physically in the south of France. One of the elements of the site showed a rather traditional overview of my installation work in the past.

"On the net we are all nomads, confronted to our status of 'stranger', isn't it?".