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' bonjour' Special entrance to 'being human'. This works is evolving on it's own.

'wishes/voeux' 1999-2000. Visitors can leave wishes, they will be stocked and some of them were treated in html. People who helped to 'form' the wishes :serz, [anachroma], Takuji Kogo, Tiia Johannson, Christophe Desgouttes, Elise Lefevre, institutio media, Ted Warnel, Mildred Pierce and E_B_A.
A special 'Annie's wishes only' was published at 'Riding the Meridian' by Jennifer Ley 1999..
In "Distributed Authorship, Beauty, and Ethico-Aesthetic Resonance" Kristie S. Fleckenstein, Associate Professor of English, Florida State University writes about this Annie's "Wishes" only version. Article published in KAIROS 11.3, summer 2007.

'I only have my name' Project IRC during the pointproject of art students in Helsinki Finland. What's behind names on the internet? What's palpable of the personality behind the internet identity? Who do you meet? 15 minutes to find the real 'annie' out of four 'annies' present on the chat. (with Karen Dermineur, Pierre Cuvelier, Yann Leguennec, Clément Thomas and John Hopkins) Rachel Green commented on this work in her book "Internet Art", Thames &Hudson, 2004, pg92-93. ISBN 0-500-20376-8

'Qui suis-je' Originally made for lieudit.org in a period this group of people was looking for it's identity. It's a chaotical piece made to stimulate the discussion. It uses parts of the original lieudit site. Although in French, this project is also interesting to people speaking another language.
"qui suis-je? Annie Abrahams (1999)" Review, article, Cyril Thomas, Magazine electronique du CIAC no 37/2010

'E-postion' The identity of the French artist Eric Maillet seen by informations only. Project with Yann Leguennec for Informative Arts, Art Foundation. other link

'rassur' 'Being human' is about communication with the other via the net. This other person that one doesn't know at all, but that should resemble you somewhere and so, will need some reassuring every now and than too. For 'rassur' I asked people to reassure an unknown other.
The greek part of 'rassur' was made during the medi@terra festival in Athens. (realvideo)
Dutch version of "rassur" for "wat is angst, waarom bang zijn, waarvoor vrezen" in "Oog": the internet art page of "de Volkskrant", a Dutch national news paper. 17-24 Jan. 2007
Presented at the "tout va bien" show at the ESCA gallery, Milhaud, France. 2007

'Relaxing' is software you can download in case you are a bit stressed. Don't stay in front of the screen, take a nice chair and a glass of wine or let the program run while you are sleeping or..... (only PC)

'compliments' Collaboration with Carroline Hazard. Une voix peut vous charmer pendant que vous surfez sur le web. (realaudio)

'je suis seul' Work published on cdrom 'alire' Text based conversational piece. (French only) 1998.

'Fleisch' for pleine-peau. With 'Flesh' 2000, ,also on pleine-peau, and 'Mesa' 2000, on o-o.lt this work formed the start of never finished multilocated work on pain. These works are now available together on my page on 'pain/douleur'.

'Being human' Presented at Videoformes, Clermond-Ferrand, at Bandits-Mages, Bourges,
in 'Amour Horreur' galerie La Centrale, Montréal,
at Digital Art &Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA and
at medi@terra festival, Athènes, Grèce.