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What does it mean to "be human" when one uses the computer-mediated environment to get in touch with the Other? In all of Abrahams' work, the Other must be taken at inter-face value. Mixing the French and English languages to create a heretofore unheard of Web Franglish, Abrahams, like Eisen, taps into her roaming psyche to explore how intimate relationships can best be expressed in a web-writing context. Shards of language like "depositing, htmlforming, stocking, guarding, etc. Mecontentement?" invite the reader to take part in her clickual reality. At one point, in the piece "je veux," the reader clicks on the words "a kiss" and a Javascript box pops up saying "I only kiss people whose name I know; what's yours?" I type in my name and another box pops up and asks me if I really want a computer kiss. I click OK and then a new screen comes into view telling me "Until now I have kissed only 2122 times." This computer is getting more action than I am, I say to myself, as I dig in deeper to the site. Mark Amerika, ‘Some observations on Web-Art-Writing’, FineArt Forum, vol. 14, issue 7 , 2000. (off line now)