interviews annie abrahams for P2P (2003)


1. You own a website called 'being human'. How does it relate to repressed emotions or to the pros and cons of children spanking ?

anniea to pavu: The only relation is this interview.
anniea to nancy: 'Being human' is not a 'plateau' for opinions. In fact, when working I often imagine myself 'talking' to a unknown visitor in front of his/her screen in his/her own private context. I tend to see this person as a friend with whom I try to share some intimate feelings. If this person is attentive, my work might act as a mood mutator.

2. your website's home page displays 'smile on your neighbour in the morning' in different languages. Can this be understood as a Service-to-Others or a Service-to-Self ?

anniea to pavu: What do you think? Both of course.
anniea to nancy: What do you think? Service-to-others of course.

3. Your 'confrontation' project displays war pics and hope sentences : is this a signal from the white buffalo and the approaching pole shift ? Or is this just about asteroid traffic ?

anniea to pavu: Any more nice questions?
anniea to nancy: Nothing of that all. 'Confrontation' is the never ending spectacle of life. In your terms Servive-to-others and Service-to-self interreacting and sometimes intertwining up to a point they don't know to what party they belong anymore.

4. In 'reassuring', visitors to your website can be comforted. Can you tell where the missing link might be found ?

anniea to pavu: The link has been repared.
anniea to nancy: The missing link is a not available element in a chain of things that constructs an approach to a problem. I don't see any missing links in my work.

5. the misunderstanding issue flies over all your projects. Does this mean we should all be cautious with vegetarian diets and density variables ?

anniea to pavu: Did you ask permission of Nancy, the Zetan emissary exploring our world or are you misunderstanding her on purpose? In that case you need a spanking.

anniea to nancy: No, not at all, misunderstanding is fundamental of human beings. We cannot read anothers brain. We are like submarines progressing by the information of our own internal monitors but unable to see what is really going on. In every tentative to understand another human being, we have to let in unknown information, that has the potential to destabilize us. That's dangerous, and so most human beings prefer a misunderstanding attitude over an understanding one.

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