Serf Software Suite

MS-Windows software that makes data analysis and publishing easy.

Serf Software Suite
The Serf Software Suite is for the analysis and publication of biological data for MS-Windows 2000 and up. SSS is freeware and comprises:
Cells&Maps for easy FACS and micrograph analysis.
Clusters for easy heatmap analysis.
Electrophy for easy electrophysiological data analysis.
ATCG is a button for easy gene foraging.


The programs of the Serf Software Suite are each build around the same graphical core, the drawing sheet that will hold the illustration to be published. Although a particular program of the suite may not be able to generate all types of graphical elements, it can read and display all of them. Hence, any of the programs can play the role of head editor. Each of the programs has a build-in spreadsheet allowing to feed data into the program and to inspect and edit the graphs on the drawing sheet. Some of the programs require specific input, such as 'Electrophy' that reads PClamp and Fetch files.

Electrophy is a program for the analysis of electrophysiological data in in AxonInstruments formats (.dat, .abf). With a few mouse clicks you've created an IV curve or dot plot.

Although Cells&Maps is meant for those who analyse FACS data or photomicrographs of living or dead cells to analyse their sizes, speeds of migration, dye uptake or fluorescence, the program is also practical for the manipulation of bitmaps in general. Hence its name: not only Cells but also Maps.

With Clusters you can visualise and narrow down the quantity of gene expression data. To do so it carries out clustering routines and/or Principal Component Analysis (PCA).

Serf software is amply documented and help is provided in several ways: by key word search, by context and by menu item. The doc files include a comprehensive step by step tutorial.