'Deun Ex Machina'
  Lucky Luke   0.98 MB
   Amazonian raindrops   3.86 MB
  Kicks   6.19 MB
  Zen zenith   6.19 MB
  Rhythm 'n drops   3.38 MB
  Tingel blues   2.36 MB
  Praagse lente   1.13 MB
  opus 7   1.64 MB
  MT bottles   5.19 MB

'Kicks' and 'Zen zenith' have been made with Soundmaps. 'Kicks' uses three drums that have different beat intervals. Please visit the 'kicks page' for details and to hear the instruments separately.
After having explored some of the possibilities of Soundmaps, I wanted a program to make something more resembling melody:

Deun Ex Machina (DEM)

(Deun is dutch for tune). The program randomly choses a progression of chords from a chord transition-probability matrix and then creates melody randomly using the notes of the chord triad when on beat and any note of the scale when off beat. The notes of septime or notes of the next chord to follow are used sometimes at the end of the measure to create a transition towards the next chord. This project gives encouraging but not extremely exciting results: 'Lucky Luke', 'Opus 7' and 'Tingel blues'. 'Praagse lente' is possibly somewhat more interesting. However, there is still room for improvement by applying more or different rules.

Deun Ex Machina has a web-based version, Deun Ex Pagina (DEP), with which you can define your own tunes. It creates these tunes on the fly using a Raspberry Pi 4 webserver.

In an other project I've used electrophysiological recordings (nerve potentials, ECGs, discharges by electric fish etc) to make something resembling music .




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