Yann Lacourtablaise/Whynotsneeze
13-10-2005 :This presentation raised the questions of the report/ratio to the others, of treason (that a dépersonnalisant formalism does not succeed) through the readjustment of a last conversation whose subject was itself the re-use of the fruit of a collective artistic work. According to one of the members of the discussion, it was a question of exposing a corpse... Here it was the corpse of the aforementioned conversation which was put in scene, without the control of each one not being respected. It will be noted however that Annie recovered the texts, which will thus not circulate more... one good thing; the more so as the "édition "of free form which accompanies the evenings provi & testi was an empty bag (of comparable nature that those put on the heads of the readers thus anonymés). Thus one is located here at the border of treason and questionnement on control. However the proposal was judicious: Annie tried to check if this exchange did not approach the theatrical form; bet gained... it was indeed a form of "theatrical" representation... Then even if the use of this support me gene compared to questionnements which I already approached with respect to my own production... Objectively, that was all at the same time interesting, pleasant, irritant, poetic, pain-killer, intimate, abstract, universal... Thus for all those who were not... Ben there what a damage! Text written for provi & testi. Translation with google original text in french

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