Annie Abrahams
"Puisque ma Voix"
"Since my Voice"
Tableaux intimes
sound poetry, video, super8 and internet

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Contemporary art and Internet
annie abrahams puisque ma voix


When Annie Abrahams in 1966 enters high school, she stays silent for three da, the time nescessary to adjust her way of speaking to the one used in "town". Almost 40 years later this event is the common denominator of 4 autonomous pieces of work presented together under the title "since my voice".
"I don't want to be a nice girl" video. Annonce : 4.30min
"20 Years back in time" performance, film super8, video. Extrait super8 : realplayer 8.00min
"SolitudeS" projection of images from the internet and reading of texts left by the visitors of a webpage: 15 min.
"Les chênes verts" (The green oaks) video. subtitle: "playing cards" 5.30min.

Wednesday December 7th, 20 h 30, Monoquini, 5 rue Bayard, 34000 Montpellier, France.

Annie Abrahams was born in 1954. She has a doctorate in Biology (university of Utrecht in 1978) and a diploma of the Art school of Arnhem (1985). In 1996 she starts working on the net. Her site "being human/étant humain" investigates the possibilities and limits of communication in general and specifically the relations with the "other" in front of the computer. articles, cv, bio
Annie Abrahams also realises videos, installations and performances. In September/October 2005 she organized 4 artistic sessions "Provi&Testi" in Monoquini in Montpellier, France.

5 soeurs et maman abrahamsstill of "Les chênes verts" 2005

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