This project benefits from financial support by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (aide à la maquette du DICRéAM (09)), by the Région Languedoc Roussillon (aide à la création multimédia), and from a residency at the CNES La Chartreuse, Villeneuve lez Avignion.
The project is supported by le manège.mons/CECN, HTTP Londres, Kawenga territoires numériques (Montpellier), ConnaiSciences (Montpellier) and Nu2s (Barcelone).
Technological partner : Théâtre Paris-Villette / x-réseau.

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All the phots have been made by the students.


Communication is never clean, smooth and transparant.

12 - 15 January 2011 Workshop
Huis Clos / No Exit - On Collaboration Session 3,
CNRR/TPM and INGEMEDIA/University -Sud Toulon-Var.
Participants: students in technologie and acting.

Invited by Elisabeth Circefice.

With : Cedric Carboni, Houda Choug, Angélique Debreilly, Oriel Dubecq, Céline Escudié, Océane Fillion, Aurélien Garcia, Raphaël Gary, Baptiste Gonzalez, Gauthier Grandgirard, Clément Guilletin, Christophe Poudenx, Sylvain Racco and Alban Vincens.

Six actors perform, each in its own webcam station or with a portable webcam station or from home, a performance protocol. The images and sounds of their webcams are brought together in one video projection. From their isolated positions, scattered in space, they share a space of expression and responsibility, a playground, a laboratory.
The actors, on the edge between performance and theater will evolve in an erupted yet shared
presentation space, they will work out their privacy in a public presentation space and become manipulators of their own image.

The workshop will start with the installation of an intranet of 6 netbooks and a server. Next we will loook into the technical aspects of the interface we will use and do some performance tests.

video on vimeo

Screencapture of Protocole no 3, second tru during the public venture Saturday January 15th 2011 at 3PM. 28 min.
Université du Sud Toulon-Var
Campus de La Garde (parking en fond de campus)
Batiment Z  salle 110 (INGEMEDIA)

Cables have a memory. The technicians must also experience what it is to perform by themselves. The blankets represent a "home". The actors have to manipulate their tool themselves, their netbook with webcam and headset must become an extension. "What is a cyborg?" "What is a mutant?" Reading the text Collaborations while walking, constrained by cables, functioning as umbilical cords that link the performers to the network, the performers enter the room where the public discovers their augmented bodies after having seen only partial images of it sofar. The performers dance on Daisy Daisy : the first song sung by a computer. At the end he leaves and we are left with compliments.

Protocole 3 (FR) .pdf
Mutant text (FR) .pdf
PeurS text (FR) .pdf
Students reactions text (FR) .pdf

Huis Clos / No Exit - On Collaboration Session 2 October 11-15 2010, CECN Le manège.mons/Technocité, Mons (BE) Photos, protocole, text here.
Huis Clos / No Exit - On Collaboration Session 1
March 8-122010, CNES La Chartreuse, Villeneuve lez Avignon. Photos, protocole, text here.

Huis Clos / No Exit - On Collaboration is part of the Huis Clos / No Exit artistic research project by Annie Abrahams

Shifts, interruptions, cuts, flux variations, temporary vacuums and coding errors in and between the images, are the aesthetic materials of the performance that will translate our vulnerability in our attempts to communicate in a cyberized environment.