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'iamanartwork/jesuisuneoeuvredart' a perl script for FRACLR, an official art institution in France. Am I an artwork? Yes, no, maybe, why? Because......... visitors contributions are traced on ip number and used in the lay out. (perl)
Presented at the site 'Les 20 ans des FRAC' 2004. Presented at Betaspace august 03.
24 september performance during the show “ Chauffe Marcel ! ” organised by FRAC Languedoc Roussillon, Panacée Montpellier.

'i am (not) an artwork/je (ne) suis (pas) une oeuvre d'art' for FRACLR. A text originally written by Bertrand Gauguet (a French art critic) can be changed by the visitors. Finally the text will dissolve in an all white page. (perl))
Presented at the site 'Les 20 ans des FRAC' 2004 and in Monochrome , incident.net, Mai 2008.

'je veux' Video for the web with pupils of the Julie Daubié school. (realvideo)

'Séparation/Separation' Co production with panoplie.org. Scripting William Pezet. Originally a text written during a stay in the hospital in 2001. The visitor is constrained to follow the implemented exercises. The exercises are based on the exercises in workpace, a breaks and exercise software tool proven to assist the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). (Flash)
Presented :
Betaspace august 03
'Perspectives03', Computer Space Festival in Sofia/Bulgaria
"Habitar en (punto)net", curateur Reme Zafra, "Espai F", Mataró (Barcelona) Spain, 24 Oct-19 Dec 2003. (With Auriea Harvey, Tina Laporta, Margot Lovejoy, Mary Flannagan, Laura Floid, Cornelia Solfrank and Natalie Bookchin.)
in 'ENTRAÎNEMENTS # 3 : Siemens Arts Program *Festival Acces(s), Billère/Pau, France, *Das TAT im Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt am Main, Allemagne and in * Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, Lille/Tourcoing, France.
"Terminal X-perienZ" 12dec -18 dec 2004, centre Noroit, Erres. 2004
"Premio Internazionale Dino Villani", Galleria del Premio Suzzara, Mantova, 19th september – 2nd february 2005
Incorporated in the computerfinearts.com collection in 2005.
III muestra internacional de artes electrónicas, Bogota, Columbia, curateur : Karen Dermineur.
"tout va bien" show at the ESCA gallery, Milhaud, France. 2007
Distinguished at 'ENTRAÎNEMENTS # 3 : compétition film et vidéo 'travail de la danse/chorégraphies du travail', la Ménagerie de Verre, Paris, EDNA et Siemens Arts Program 2003.
Performance "Separation" during the coloqium "Esthétiques intermédias: approches historiques" co-organised by Annie Gentès (ENST) and Isabelle Rieusset-Lemarié (MECSCI, UVSQ), Théâtre Paris - Villette, June 10 2006.
"Happy moving" et "Separation" presented at [DAM] Berlin. 10.11 - 5.12.2006 Computerfinearts Collection of Doron Golan.
R. Catlow for furtherfield.org.
Remedios Zafra for 'Habitar en (punto) net' (Espagnol)"

,'jeveux.org' 2002, French people not initiated in html express themselves around the theme 'I want' in html.
Presented at 'les Rencontres des Espaces Culture Multimédia', Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2003.

'je ne suis pas séquestrée, je suis une oeuvre d'art, dites moi l'espoir', exposition/installation at 4,Barbier, Nîmes.
'Dites-moi l'espoir-rassur', installation slides and video, galerie ESCA, Milhaud.

'N'hésitez pas-reassuring video', Presented at 9ème Festival international d'art vidéo of Casablanca, Maroc.
'Being Human' presented on DIAN - Digital Interactive Artists' Network 02-02.
'Sowana' Presentation of a text on Sowana, a dialoguing robot, for The Planetary vigil of NetArt 2002.