> more information on the work of Annie Abrahams

"I confirm": cd rom. The visitor of an exhibition can view ten small videos. In each video a different person will confirm in his/her own way that it's really art that is surrounding the visitor.
with "Oh my God" from M&LS, 6 -16 January, Péniche Bar Le Mascaret, opposite of 4, quai des Etroits, Lyon.
in the show "Je vois que vous suivez..." of Maurin et La Spesa 14 october 2004 - 3 january 2005 Centre d'art Contemporain d'Istres, France.

"SolitudeS" What about loneliness? La Solitude, ça vous évoque quoi? Some people long for it, others are afraid of it. Presentation/performance 17 Nov, la Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille. "Puisque ma voix" Dec. 2005 monoquini, Montpellier. Philippe Bootz mentions "Solitudes" in "Les Basiques : la littérature numérique" for Leonardo/Olats, May 2007.

'MailReality', performance web , 2-11/5-11 2004, http://e-critures.blogspot.com/

'Comprendre' and 'Rendez vous', two wap pieces. To see a simulation use the tagtag simulator or use the address http://www.bram.org/aa.wml in the form of ctr@wap .

"Painsong" words words, that hurts. 15 .mp3 mixed, to be mixed. Takes time to load. Dependent on flux, computer, plugin, and you.
Ted Warnell reacted: PAIN1.23 for Annie @ http://warnell.com/syntac/pain123.htm PAIN1.23
Review on Furtherfield by Joachim Desarmenien. 2004
FILE 2004, Sao Paulo city. November 22nd to December 12th, 2004.
"Packet", New Langton Arts, San Fransisco, december 2004. Curator Richard Rinehart.
"Terminal X-perienZ" 12dec -18 dec 2004, centre Noroit, Erres.
Included in Soundtoys 2004.

"SentimentS" colloboratif text based web project with 24, 11 years old French children.
Presented by panoplie.org at the Comédie du Livre. Salle Rabelais. Montpellier.

6 march 2004, 20.30h Annie Abrahams, Enna Chaton and Patricia Rydzok present "AttentionS". Théâtre La Fonderie, 3 rue Fondère, Sète, France. Internet related performance.
"CLIQUEZ ECOUTEZ (MODIFIEZ) , une superposition de voix" : reaction on AttentionS from Gilles Malatray on sonoriscausa.

Le Nouvel An avec CTGR, Lotus et Igor Gatosek.
Free trial of the being human songware by Cathbleue.
"Confrontation" presented at Filmfestival International of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, section Exploding Cinema 'Power : Play'. 21-01 / 1-02 2004 and at 'pathiharn electron [supernatural]', switch media_ art, Chiang Mai, Thailande, 6th-30th april.
"Ne me touchez pas" presented at "Ouvrir/Fermer", 9 - 14 march 2004, Forum des images, Paris ( festival Némo).
'Painsong' and 'Séparation presented at 'Terminal X-perienZ 12dec -18 dec, centre Noroit, Erres.
"Separation" presented at "Premio Internazionale Dino Villani", Galleria del Premio Suzzara, Mantova, 19 september– 2 february 2005 -
in 'ENTRAÎNEMENTS # 3 : Siemens Arts Program *Festival Acces(s), Billère/Pau, France, *Das TAT im Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt am Main, Allemagne and in * Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, Lille/Tourcoing, France.
"being human" selected for Videoformes 2004, presented at *Cube Issy-les-Moulineaux, *Maison Pour Tous, Istres, *Congénies, a proposition of Artelinea-art contemporain .
Joan Campas on "being human" in The Frontiers between Digital Literature and Net.art for Dichtung Digital.
Marielle Gebben on "being human" "Nieuwe media literatuur : digitaal en vernieuwend .dk .de .fr .nl" doctoraalscriptie (Nederlands)
Xavier Malbreil
cites Annie Abrahams words on "randomness" in "THE ALEATORY, NET ART, MEANING AND US, AND US " , Electronic magazine of CIAC, no 19 2007. http://www.ciac.ca/magazine/archives/no_19/en/dossier.htm