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"Puisque ma voix" presentation of 4 initimate "tableaux" d'Annie Abrahams. Vidéo, performance, film super8. Organised by panoplie.org in monoquini, Montpellier, France

Annie Abrahams presents provi&testi in monoquini Montpellier sept-oct. provi&testi : art works to become, not yet finished, to be. 14 septembre 2005 _ 19H : Presentation/Installation Soundmaps of Jan de Weille. 28 septembre 2005 _ 19H : Voeux / Wishes Performance / reading with the public. 12 sctobre 2005 _19H : "Who's afraid of ? / Life in a collective intelligence" Reading of a theatre piece in two acts after a recent e-mail exchange between the members of the Lieudit internet group. 26 octobre _19H :Mathias Beyler and Nijinski, 1 lecteur, 1 micro, 1 computer. Traces, video, sound, text.

noclic :: BramTV :: flâneuse, glaneuse, étalage, display, collection, collage, vitrine, retrospective, portrait :: bram.org mise a nu :: noclic
Articles : "BramTV" by Joachim Desarmenien for Furtherfield, on fluctuat by Gflu (français).
Presented at FONLAD Online Festival for Digital Arts, Coïmbra, Portugal. 22-10, 30-112005

Annie Abrahams and Clément Charmet : Turbulence Guest Curators : "Why rock ?" a web show with soundwork from net artists with real or supposed rock affinities for turbulence.org and panoplie.org. Special texts by Alan Sondheim and Frédéric Madre.
Articles: exiwebart_project Why Rock? for Exibart by Valentina Tanni (Italian), "Jouer aux rock-stars" in Libération 10-06-2005 by Marie Lechner (français), Why Rock? At Turbulence.org [2005] for Furtherfield.org by Mark R. Hancock, Le net art est-il rock ? on Fluctuat by Puck (français)

"Yes"-no, on Tom Tipunk records with an unrelased track named "janee". abrahams&deweille

For Those Who Think I Am A Nice Girl / Pour Ceux Qui Pensent Que Je Suis Une Gentille Fille a mp3 song by abrahams&de weille.
I always liked to sing, but everyone told me not to, anyway, I stopped smoking, a mp3 song by abrahams&de weille 3.57min. (nice girl 1)
included in TTR010 - Merry Free Xmas and Happy Free New Year! catalog byTom Tipunk
Video 5’ 00’’ presented in the Competition programme AUTHOR(WRIT)Y: video art, TV art and experimental film of Media Forum 2006, 27 june 2006, Moscou.
Nice girl 2 for the "Angry Women", a project of Jess Loseby.
Article : Eliza Fernbach "disturb.the.peace [angry women]" on "nice girl 2", Furtherfield.org. 10-2006
Presented in the show "cyber feminism past forward", 9 –31 March 2007, Austrian Association of Women Artists, Vienna, Austria,
in the show "tout va bien" at the ESCA gallery, Milhaud, France. 2007

"Lettre à Mamadou" missed meeting, presentation at the Goethe-Institut of Dakar, Sénégal, projet "Correspondances". (french)

"Writing as a Woman: Annie Abrahams" "e-writing" article by Lisa Joyce for the Electronic Book Review.
Rachel Green commented on "I only have my name" in her book "Internet Art", Thames &Hudson, 2004, pg92-93. ISBN 0-500-20376-8
"alone" featured in "Pop Up" by Abe Linkoln, Turbulence Guest Curator.
'understanding/comprendre' update english version in 2005.
"don't touch me" in Invited/Invaded Rhizome member curated exhibition by Jessica Gomula.
Presentation "I confirm": cd rom. 6 -16 January, Péniche Bar Le Mascaret,opposite of 4, quai des Etroits, Lyon.
::NET.TEN:: \\Online Selections// BY: Annie Abrahams, Starting the month of May 05, Net Art Review invites an artist or new media producer to share her favorites links with our readers. We are very happy to kick things off with recommendations by Annie Abrahams.
"Being Human"presented at l'espace multimédia Gantner, Bourogne, at the University Paris I, "net art - experiences, enjeux, et perspectives" with Thimothée Rolin and Christophe Bruno. Compte rendu de Jean-David Boussemaer.
" Separation " presented at "Premio Internazionale Dino Villani", Galleria del Premio Suzzara, Mantova, 19th september – 2nd february 2005.
"Being Human" featured in http://stunned.org/netartopen/ , on CULTURETV may 2005, in Media Art Festival, curator: Eva Kachatrian, The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art: ACCEA Yerevan, Armenia,08 2005.
Valérie Méliani uses "being human" as the example in, "Vers une compréhension des usages émergents des TIC : l’exemple révélateur des artistes numériques", in Actes des travaux du Groupe de Travail "Sociologie de la communication", XVIIe Congrès des sociologues de langue française, 2005.
Le comportement mis en contemplation : Being Human / Etant Humain. Presentation during the colloqium "L’ART NUMERIQUE QUESTIONNÉ PAR LES SIC" organised by Céric : Centre d’Etude et de Recherche en information et communication. Vendredi 1 er Avril 2005. Centre Universitaire Du Guesclin – Béziers.
Presentation "Je-nous" / project video with children / Rencontres régionales de l'éducation artistique à l'image, 2,3 et 4 mai 2005, Frontignan la Peyrade, Languedoc-Roussillon.
'confrontation' presented in File - Electronic Language International Festival 1-20 November 2005 Sao Paulo Brasilia.
Workshop kawenga, montpellier16 nov 2005.
Présentation de "Séparation", "Comprendre" et de "Ne me touchez pas" III muestra internacional de artes electrónicas, Bogota, Columbia, curateur : Karen Dermineur.
CLIQUEZ ECOUTEZ (MODIFIEZ) , une superposition de voix" : reaction on AttentionS from Gilles Malatray on sonoriscausa.