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workshop by Annie Abrahams 2005

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Not a web work.
"For those who think I am a nice girl", .mp3 2.41 min. Not a web work?



a universe without real contact, internet isn't a tool for communication with the other. it's about simulation, construction and commutation. one only meest oneself in this universe. so it's a universe with less risks than in real life, where one can experiment one's self. it's an instrument to openness.
understanding?, ne me touchez pas ! where one is revealing one's self at the same time as one is contributing to the revelation of the other on the web. this other who has something from all the other surfers, it's a compilation of others. a web piece can become a revelation of actual tendencies in society, it can give us a cartography of the other, of our contemporary being. it can become a rhetoric form for a collective voice, a staggering beginning for a language of the multitude.
SollitudeS , confrontation .
interactive art, net work art, net art, the 'only' art form concerned with behaviour, to question behaviour, to make virtual behaviour the object of its content, of its esthetical contemplation, also the' only' art form that literally plays with, uses the body of the spectator. separation, painsong .

relation to the 'autre', who am I? what is truth, being in this world?, what is an artworkt, an artiste? who is 'I'in front of a computerscreen? jesuisuneoeuvredart
hypertexte, random, context : intimacy, machine,no mediation, I am alone , rassur, low tech mood mutators

internet related projects : je confirme cd rom, titre installation, readings, performance, video puisque