Scientific and Fun Software

for MS-Windows.


scientific and fun software

The programs of the Serf Software Suite, Electrophy, Cells&Maps and Clusters, are each build around the same drawing sheet that will hold the illustration to be published. Although a particular program of the suite may not be able to generate all types of graphical elements, it can read and display all of them. Hence, any of the programs can play the role of head editor. The programs have build-in spreadsheets for inspection and edition of the graphs on the drawing sheet.

Create your graphs easily with XLPlot . It reads ascii files and it outputs a vector drawing. It is the 'light' version of Serf Suite programs.

File-to-Sound converts any file into sound. Just drag files onto the F2S window and it starts playing the files.

Ex machina presents musical works created with Soundmaps and Deun ex Machina amongst which Electrophysiological recordings that become music.